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AdClicker Ads is a FREE Text Ad Exchange System based around a variety of different types of Traffic Generating Ads that are Displayed throughout the Website and can be seen by Visitors, as well as Members. Your Ads & Websites will Get SEEN! Place your Free Advertisement and you can start enjoying Quality Traffic and Higher Conversions !

Our Members here at AdClicker Ads find "Ad Exchanges" more Responsive with Better Traffic Results then your Regular "Traffic Exchange" because our Members get to choose which Websites they want to View. Gone are the days, of sitting there, watching site after site of ones you are not interested in, just to Earn some Credits. View only Websites that are of interest to you and Earn Credits for doing it! Write a Good Advertisement and you will receive a steady stream of Quality Traffic through our Ad Exchange System .

AdClicker Ads Text Ad Exchange System is all about Generating a Stampede of Guaranteed, Quality Traffic to your Website. As long as you have Credits, your Advertisements will always been Shown! Each time your Text Ad is shown, One Credit will be taken from your Credits .

We offer a few ways of Earning Credits here at AdClicker Ads including Clicking through to Websites from the different types of Ads available for you to see. But not only Text Ads, you can Earn Credits through Solo, Banner, HotLINKS, and Login Ads. We also have 2 Upgrade Options that provides more Ads to place in the system, Credits for continued viewing of your Ads in the system and also Larger Commissions!

What Ever Your Budget Is, We Have a Traffic Generating Membership &
Credit Level That Is RIGHT For You

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Text Ads WORK - Plain and Simple. If they did not work, all the Search Engines would have Banner Ads running up and down the side of their pages instead of Text Ads Right?

We all LOVE Free Advertising Sites - Anything that will help our Sites receive Quality Traffic! We all know without Advertising there is No Traffic - with No traffic Means No Sales!

Go Ahead and Place Your Free Ad and Receive 200 Hits To Your Site Today!

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